Sant (Santilen Mjeshtri)

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Sant (Santilen Mjeshtri)
ShqiptimiSant / Santi / Santilen
U lind (02-02-1996) 1996 Shkurt 02 (2019 vjeç) invalid year invalid day
Elbasan, Albania[1]
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • composer
  • producer
  • television personality
Vite aktiviteti2014–present
Karriera muzikore

Santi (Santilen Mjeshtri) (born 2 February 1996) is an Albanian singer, songwriter, recording producer and television personality.[2] He was born in Elbasan and has established himself as a viable Hip Hop and rap artist in Albania and the Albanian-speaking world.

Santi rose to essential prominence following his consecutive nominations in [[Top Channel] "Top Music Awards" .[3] His success continued with the formation of the hip hop duo Sant&Marly, then by releasing Ne Yo (2016), DMPL (2017) and Hola. He participated in Kënga Magjike in 2016 with the song Nuk e kuptoj, featuring Devis Xherahu. [4] After featuring with Ervin Bushati and Blerina Braka, with the song titled E jemja, he parted ways with his former studio production.

In 2020, Sant resumed his music career with the rebranding of Sant&Marly that changed in Sant X Marly, that released Casa de Papel soundtrack, Ciao and Vetem Ti with whom he began to adopt a more mature image. He participated in Kënga Magjike for the first time in 2016 and reached the semi finals.

Beyond his music career, Sant has been featured as a guest on the Albanian television channels such as Top Channel and Televizioni Klan.[5] An important step was breaking the record in charts climbing by 35 positions, with the debut of the song Ne Yo featuring Marly. [6]

Personal life[Redakto | Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

Sant was born on 2 February 1996 into an Albanian family in the city of Elbasan. His personal relationships have always been on the front pages of pink media, the latest being his unclear relationship with the Televizioni Klan 's dancer and tv presenter Alba Hoxha, as the two have interacted on instagram, missleading the online magazines several times.[7][8][9]

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