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*Po kam probleme teknike, me mungojne njohurritë, me ndihmo --[[Përdoruesi:Planeti|Planeti]] ([[Përdoruesi diskutim:Planeti|diskutimet]]) 23 mars 2013 16:10 (CET)
==The user 'Planeti' deleted the article "Origjina e Allahut" '''twice''' already under false pretexts.==
'''From Vertetator''': I know you deleted the article "Origjina e Allahut". Why did you delete it? Biased much, kosovar? How dare you delete a page that exposes the origin of Islam. Are you afraid of the truth? I cited all my sources. Do not dare to delete it again, or else I WILL REPORT YOU TO WIKIPEDIA! I have your IP address Kosovar MULSIM. By the way, you don't deserve my talking to you in Albanian. You are foreigner to me.
Anonymous user

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