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(quartz from Company Kumega Ltd inf Albania)
(U kthye versioni 1729367 i bërë nga (diskutimet))
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shefki.hysa
Dear  Sir,
Thanks for information,
My name is Mr. Shefki Hysa, from Albania, please visit my website:  www.fabioalbania.com
My company, since 1995 and ongoing, is licensed from the Ministry of Industry in Albania for utilization of quartz ore and other minerals and import-export for all minerals .
We are seeking to buy troctolite  size: 90 cm X 70 cm X 10 cm
If you have this product then please send me  some photos and your prices CIF, port Durres Albania
Yours sincerely,
Eng.Geologist,  Shefki Hysa  (Mr.)
General Administrator of the Company Kumega  Ltd, Albania
Company Kumega Ltd
Quarter Partizani, Burrel
Tel & Fax:    00355 4 2342252
Mobile :        00355 682026468
Internet:        www.fabioalbania.com
E-mail:          info@fabioalbania.com
Skype:           shefki661
Facebook      <nowiki>https://www.facebook.com/shefki.hysa.9</nowiki>
Facebook      <nowiki>https://www.facebook.com/shefki.hysa</nowiki>     


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