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This template is used to present a consistently-formatted table for use in articles about books. Please do not make major changes to this infobox without proposing and discussing it on the talk page first.

Përdorimi[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

Parametera Udhëzimi i shkurtër
{{Infobox libër
| emri                 = 
| titulli_origjinal    = 
| përkthyesi           = 
| foto                 = 
| titulli_i_fotos      = 
| autori               = 
| illustratori         = 
| artisti_kopertinës   = 
| shteti               = 
| gjuha                = 
| seria                = 
| subjekti             = 
| zhnari               = 
| botuesi              = 
| data_e_botimit       = 
| data_e_botimit_shqip = 
| media_tipi           = 
| faqe                 = 
| isbn                 = 
| oclc                 = 
| preceded_by          = 
| followed_by          = 
Emri i librës
Titulli origjinal, nëse nuk është në gjuhën shqipe
Përkthyesi (ose përkthyesit), nëse origjinali nuk është në gjuhën shqipe
Foto (prefer 1st edition - where permitted)
Image caption (should describe the edition used)
Author (or authors)
Illustrator used consistently throughout (where illustrations are a major feature)
Cover artist
Country of original publication
Language of original book (see note below)
Series (if any)
Subject (only use for non-fiction) (or subjects)
Genre (only use for fiction) (or genres)
Publisher of main publication (prefer 1st edition)
Date published (1st edition)
Published in English (1st English language edition)
Media type (paperback, hardback)
Pages (prefer 1st edition)
ISBN (prefer 1st edition)
Title of prior book in series
Title of subsequent book in series
  • Any of the items above can be safely left blank. Note that you may include an image with no caption, but a caption will not be shown if there is no image.
  • Wiki links [[]] are fine in any of the Infobox fields.
  • Include the HTML comments before and following the template; they help inexperienced editors.
  • Please spend some time at the Books WikiProject article and its talk page for standards on presenting names and other data.
  • In the "language" field, please be sure that you link to an article that is actually about the language; for example, use [[English language|English]], not [[English]])
  • The preceded_by and followed_by fields both apply to books in a series and to sequels. They should not connect separate books chronologically.
  • Use OCLC if possible when the book has no ISBN number.

Shembull[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

Koda Rezultati
{{Infobox libër
| emri                  = Anne of Green Gables 
| titulli_origjinal     = 
| përkthyesi            = 
| foto                  = [[Image:Montgomery Anne of Green Gables cover.jpg|200px]] 
| titulli_i_fotos       = Anne of Green Gables first edition cover.  
| autori                = [[Lucy Maud Montgomery]]
| illustratori          = M. A. and W. A. J. Claus
| artisti_kopertinës    = 
| shteti                = [[Kanada]]
| gjuha                 = [[Gjuha angleze|Anglisht]]
| seria                 = 
| subjekti              = 
| zhanri                = [[Children's literature|Children's novel]] 
| botuesi               = [[L. C. Page & Co.]] 
| data_e_botimit        = April 1908 
| data_e_botimit_shqip  = 
| media_tipi            = Print ([[Hardcover]]) 
| faqe                  = 429 pp ''(first edition)'' 
| isbn                  = NA 
| oclc                  = 367111
| preceded_by           = 
| followed_by           = [[Anne of Avonlea]]

Anne of Green Gables
Skeda:Montgomery Anne of Green Gables cover.jpg
Anne of Green Gables first edition cover.
AutoriLucy Maud Montgomery
IllustratoriM. A. and W. A. J. Claus
ZhanriChildren's novel
BotuesiL. C. Page & Co.
BotimiApril 1908
Media tipi
Faqe429 pp (first edition)
Pasuar ngaAnne of Avonlea