Përdoruesi:Roman Spinner

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My përdoruesi name is also my name, Roman Spinner. I have been editing on English Wikipedia since 22 January 2006 and have accumulated, as of today, over 12,000 edits, although I try to keep my edit count low by completing an entire editing task before saving the page. I have a përdoruesi page on virtually every Latin-alphabet Wikipedia [also appended to this përdoruesi page] primarily for the purpose of adding interwiki links. Although I am not fluent in most of the languages at which I have a përdoruesi page, I try to open such a page anyway, thus giving me a tangible connection with the language and, as a key point, so my përdoruesi name would not appear in red, marking me as a novice or a tourist, without suggesting, of course, that any negative connotations should be attached to novices or tourists.