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| years = 1937-1940<br />1940-1944<br />1944-1949<br />1949-1956<br />1956-1958
| clubs = Hörnefors<br />[[Degerfors]]<br />[[IFK Norrköping]]<br />[[A.C. Milan|AC Milan]]<br />[[A.S. Roma|AS Roma]]
| caps(goals) = {{0}}41 {{0}}(68)<br />{{0}}77 {{0}}(56)<br />{{0}}95 {{0}}(93)<br />257 (210)<br />{{0}}34 {{0}}(15){{Dubious|date=March 2008}}<!---Caps and goal figures above likely contain European cup/Domestic cup data in addition to Domestic League data. Please correct this issue and leave a note [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Alfmaster#Footballers.27_European_goals!!!|here] to warn this person about putting improper information on Wikipedia--->
| manageryears = 1958-1959
| managerclubs = [[A.S. Roma|AS Roma]] (''player-manager'')
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