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Mbretërimi {{{reign}}}
Koronacioni {{{coronation}}}
Investitura {{{investiture}}}
Emri i plotë {{{full name}}}
Titujt {{{othertitles}}}
Baptizmi {{{baptism}}}
Lindur më {{{date of birth}}}
{{{place of birth}}}
Vdekur më {{{date of death}}}
{{{place of death}}}
Varrimi {{{place of burial}}}
Predeçesori {{{predecessor}}}
' {{{heir}}}
Mbasardhësi {{{successor}}}
Mbertëresha {{{queen}}}
Burri {{{consort}}}
Konsorti {{{consortreign}}}
Konsort në {{{consortto}}}
Konsorti {{{spouse}}}
Gruaja/Grat {{{spouse 1}}}
{{{spouse 2}}}
{{{spouse 3}}}
{{{spouse 4}}}
{{{spouse 5}}}
Issue {{{issue}}}
Shtëpia Mbretërore {{{royal house}}}
Dinastia {{{dynasty}}}
Himni Mbretëror {{{royal anthem}}}
Motto Mbretërore {{{royal motto}}}
I jati {{{father}}}
E jëma {{{mother}}}

Usage[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

{{Infobox Monarch
| name            =Name (in most common usage)
| title           =King/Queen/etc of X
| image           =[[Image:X.jpg|200px|caption]]
| caption         =Image caption
| reign           =[[D Month]], [[YYYY]] – [[D Month]], [[YYYY]]
| coronation      =[[D Month]], [[YYYY]]
| othertitles     =Other titles & Wikilink<br />Other titles & Wikilink, etc.
| full name       =Full legal non-titular name
| predecessor     =Name & Wikilink
| successor       =Name & Wikilink
| suc-type        =If you wish to use the heir field, then the type of heir is required, (Heir-Apparent/Heir-Presumptive)
| heir            =Name & Wikilink
| queen           =Name & Wikilink<br />Name & Wikilink, etc.
| consort         =Name & Wikilink<br />Name & Wikilink, etc.
| spouse 1        =Name & Wikilink<br />Name & Wikilink, etc. (these are for the wives 
| spouse 2        =Name & Wikilink<br />Name & Wikilink, etc. of male rulers for whom 
| spouse 3        =Name & Wikilink<br />Name & Wikilink, etc. the term 'queen', 
| spouse 4        =Name & Wikilink<br />Name & Wikilink, etc. 'consort' etc. is 
| spouse 5        =Name & Wikilink<br />Name & Wikilink, etc. innappropriate, eg the 
| spouse 6        =Name & Wikilink<br />Name & Wikilink, etc. wife of a Roman emperor whom he married and then divorced before ascending the throne)
| issue           =Name & Wikilink<br />Name & Wikilink, etc.
| royal house     =House of X & Wikilink
| dynasty         =X dynasty & Wikilink (for those where 'dynasty' and not 'house' is the correct nomenclature eg Roman emperors)
| royal anthem    =Name & Wikilink
| father          =Name & Wikilink
| mother          =Name & Wikilink
| date of birth   =D Month, YYYY
| place of birth  =Name & Wikilink
| date of death   =D Month, YYYY
| place of death  =Name & Wikilink
| date of burial  =D Month, YYYY
| place of burial =Name & Wikilink