Supë orizi me vezë dhe limon

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  • In fluid of meat or rice Boiling water poured ei salt washed and cleaned and left to boil on slow fire about 30 minutes. At the end of the soup is added bit of grated lemon with a grater Rind, give a wave, fire removed after 5–6 minutes and regulated by the yellow of eggs. For this, in a porcelain bowl Throw egg yolk, whipped and beat the lemon juice added, or limontoz dissolved in water and juice a little at the shoulder. At the end regulated by thin black pepper and chopped Parsley, nor desired.
Për 4-5 persona duhen:
lëng mishi 1.5 litra, oriz 4 lugë gjelle, gjalpë 50 g ose 1 lugë gjelle, e verdhë veze 1, limon 1/2 kokrre, majdanoz, kripë, piper i zi.