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Udhëzuesi i stampës[shiko] [redakto] [historiku] [rifresko]
Nuvola mimetypes file locked.png Kjo stampë u mbrojt për të ruajtur kualitetin e arritur deri tani kundra vandalizmit apo redaktimeve të pakualifikuara.
Për të përpunuar tekstin e stampës mund t'i bëni një kërkesë përdoruesve që disponojnë të drejtat e nevojshme.

Usage[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

Simply place {{Tnavbar-header|Heading|Name of Template}} in the header area of a given template to add a centred heading with right justified vde navigational functionality. If there is need for a font color other than black, use {{Tnavbar-header|Heading|Name of Template|fontcolor=#html color code}} instead.

Parameters[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

Mandatory[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

(the first unnamed parameter) Text that appears centered in the titlebar (the top bar).
(the second unnamed parameter) The name of the template, which is needed for the "view • talk • edit" links to work properly on all of the pages where the template is used on. You can enter {{subst:PAGENAME}} for this value as a shortcut.

Optional[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

switched from v.d.e mode to view talk edit, if plain=1 is set.
Specifies the title text color
(Deprecated) It use to provide a different background color, however the code has been updated to always give a transparent background

Note to editors with access to this template[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

This template is likely represented across thousands of pages, so please tread lightly when editing here.

See also[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

This template transcluses tnavbar, the source is more customizable.
For use in conjunction with Navframe divs, positions v • d • e opposite of the [hide]/[show] feature.
For use in conjunction with Collapsible tables,floats v • d • e opposite of the [hide]/[show] feature

Make use of meta-template to reduce code bloat and simplify editing:

Krahasim i stampave navigacione

shiko  diskuto  redakto

collapsible Header color Image Groups Style (body)
{{Navigation}} NavFrame NavHead Jo Jo Po {{OPEC}}
{{Navigation with image}} NavFrame NavHead Left/right of body Jo Po {{HolmesNovels}}
{{Navigation with columns}} NavFrame NavHead Jo Jo Po
{{Dynamic navigation box}} collapsible navbox Jo Jo Po {{CSUHeads}}
{{Dynamic navigation box with image}} NavFrame NavHead Upper left Jo Jo {{SlovakPMs}}
{{Navbox generic}} collapsible navbox Right-hand side Po Po {{Dilbert}}
{{NavigationBox}} Jo navbox Right of title+body Jo Jo {{EPA}}
{{Commons:NavigationBox}} Jo #ccccff Right of title+body Jo Jo
{{Commons:Dynamic navigation box}} NavFrame #ccccff Jo Jo Jo
{{Commons:Dynamic navigation box with image}}  NavFrame #ccccff Upper left Jo Jo
The background color for the header or title is inherited from the class listed below. The templates have titlestyle parameters that can be used to override the default.
Collapsible attributes
Type CSS classes Collapses when Custom
initial state
Nesting Header
Font size
NavFrame div NavFrame, NavHead, NavContent 3+ of the same Jo Po #ccccff 95%
Collapsible table collapsible, navbox 2+ of the same Po Po #ccccff 90%

For the technically minded, see Common.css and Common.js.