Meggie Albanesi

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Meggie Albanesi, 1922

Meggie Albanesi (1899–1923) ka qënë një aktore skene dhe filmi britanike.[1] Ajo u lind si Margherita Albanesi në Londër më 8 tetor 1899. Nëna e tij ishteEffie Adelaide Rowlands, një shkrimtar, dhe bababi i saj ka qenë Chevalier Carlo Albanesi, një violinist italian. She attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and made her film debut in 1919. She enjoyed a successful theatre career, starring in plays such as John Galsworthy's The First and the Last opposite Owen Nares. She was soon being hailed by critics as one of the brightest prospects in British acting.[2] However after making just six films Albanesi died at the age of 23 in Broadstairs, Kent on 9 December 1923.

Albanesi had a relationship with the theatre and film producer Basil Dean who continued to be obsessed with her after her death.[3] Dean was first attracted to his wife the actress Victoria Hopper because of her physical resemblance to Albanesi and cast her in a number of his productions. His final film as a director 21 Days was based on a play The First and the Last on which he had worked with Albanesi before her death.[4]

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