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Kjo faqe këtu është vetëm për diskutim mbi përdoruesin Local hero. Wikipedia nxit diskutimin mes vullnetarëve të saj dhe nuk do të censurojë komente bazuar në pikëpamjet ideologjike ose politike. Wikipedia nuk do t’i ndryshojë komentet. Ato ose do të publikohen, ose do të fshihen nëse nuk u binden rregullave kryesore.
Fillo një temë të re diskutimi.
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Article editing[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

can you speak and write Albanian Language?
If you do not, then do not edit articles to change the content. You can correct interwiki and references, but not content because you do not speak, write and understand Albanian Language.
If you continue editing like this, you will find your self blocked. Puntori 13 Shkurt 2009 11:02 (CET)
No, I cannot speak nor write in Albanian, but I can figure out what some of it means. If I see something that should be changed, then I will change it. For example, the Turkish name is not relevant at all in the lead of the Skopje article. I think it was only included to make the Macedonian name seem less significant. And are you seriously threatening me with a block? For what? Have I vandalized? Give me a break. Local hero 13 Shkurt 2009 20:49 (CET)

Why the reduced name of Macedonia?[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

UN recognizes this Balkan state with the name "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" Even in other international presentations used this name because until now become a debate on this issue.

Out of all Wikipedias, only your and Greek one refers my country as FYROM. Just to know, it is offensive and if this situation continues without talking, Meta will be informed. --MacedonianBoy 12 Janar 2010 00:26 (CET)
That nationalistic and non-neutral comments could be posted on Forum. Wikipedia is not a Forum. I am consider this an offend and please do not make me to react on the same level.--MacedonianBoy 12 Janar 2010 17:12 (CET)
Your argument is a bad one. Over 120 countries recognise Macedonia under its constitutional name. Unfortunately, your foreign minister's opinion doesn't matter. The most commonly used name for the country in Albanian is Maqedonise, not Ish Republika Jugosllave e Maqedonise. And once again, Wikipedia is not the UN. Local hero 12 Janar 2010 20:55 (CET)
Both Albania and Kosovo have recognised Macedonia under its consititutional name. Macedonia is a region that falls within the borders of five present-day countries, not just Greece. Refering to it as 'Macedonia' may be offensive to some Greeks, but refering to it as 'fyrom' may be offensive to some Macedonians which is why 'Republic of Macedonia' has been chosen as the best title on many Wikipedias. Once again, Wikipedia is not the UN.

Your use of language[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

Please use constructive language and do not initiate fire statements like this. Otherwise you will be blocked, Regards —  eagleal  8 Korrik 2010 03:54 (CEST)