Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects
After Effects CS5 Icon
Zhvillues Adobe Systems
Versioni i fundit CS5 ( / 12 Prill 2010; 1970 days më parë
Sistemi operativ Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Përdoret për Motion graphics / Visual effects / Animation
Licenca Proprietary
Faqja zyrtare Adobe After Effects Website

Adobe After Effects është një program dixhital për motion graphics dhe compositing i publikuar nga Adobe Systems. Qëllimi i tij kryesor është për film dhe video post-production.

Përshkrimi[redakto | redakto tekstin burimor]

Adobe After Effects është përdorur kryesisht për krijimin e motion graphics dhe efekte vizuele. Adobe After Effects i lejon përdoruesit të animojn, të ndryshojë, dhe të kompozoj në 2D dhe 3D dimensione.

Historia[redakto | redakto tekstin burimor]

Provider Data Versioni Emri Kodi Karakteristika kryesore shtuar
CoSA Janar 1993 1.0 Egg layered compositing with mask, effect, transforms, keyframes; Mac only
Maj 1993 1.1 more effects
Aldus Janar 1994 2.0 Teriyaki Time Layout window, multi-machine rendering, frame blending
Adobe Tetor 1995 3.0 Nimchow render queue, bezier masking, time remapping, keyframe assistants, multiple effects per layer, velocity graph, motion tracker, motion math, first Japanese version, layer transfer modes, continuously rasterize Illustrator files, Photoshop as comp import with layer/transfer mode/alpha channel support, 3:2 pulldown, non-square pixel support, proxies
Prill 1996 3.1 file formats, multiprocessing, advanced keying, wiggler, motion sketch, smoother; last Mac 680x0 version
Maj 1997 3.1 (Windows 95/NT) Dancing Monkey first Windows version, contextual menus, first French & German versions
Janar 1999 4.0 ebeer tabbed windows, movable time layout columns, multiple masks per layer, warping effects, particle playground, audio effects, transform effect, adjustment layers, align palette, rulers & guides, RAM preview, glows/blurs no longer clip at layer edge, Premiere import, label colors in timeline; first simultaneous Mac & Windows release
Shtator 1999 4.1 Batnip flowchart view, watch folder, 3D channel effects, collect files command, watch folders, auto deinterlacing, sequence layers, save favorite effects (.ffx), separate text fill/stroke, 30,000×30,000 image support
Prill 2001[1] 5.0 Melmet 3D layers, 3D lights, dynamic previews, parenting, vector paint, expressions, pick whip, draw/edit masks in comp window, integration of Atomic Power plug-ins (foam, wave world, card dance, shatter, vegas), 16 bits per channel color, Illustrator transparency support, SWF export, mask colors, mask motion blur, mask expansion, RAM Preview region of interest, Photoshop 6 vector mask import, PDF import, solo switch, scrubbable property values, custom workspaces, effect reordering, PAR correction, reveal file on disk, reduce project, trim comp to work area, >2GB movie output
Janar 7, 2002[2] 5.5 Fauxfu advanced 3D renderer, multiple 3D views, import camera data, colored shadows, projection layers, effects palette, post render actions, advanced lightning, adjustment layer lights, smart mask, looping via expressions, RealMedia output, expression controllers, Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator Classic bundled; first OS X version
Gusht 2003 6.0 Foodfite paint, scripting, text animators, OpenGL support, new motion tracker, Rotobezier, Keylight, Liquify, Scribble, Dust & Scratches, background rendering of RAM Previews
Qershor 16, 2004 6.5 Chambant advanced clone tool, presets gallery, grain management, integration of Final Effects plug-ins, Color Finesse bundling, Photoshop & Illustrator layers support, Photoshop text editing, disk caching, Firewire video output, 1/2/4 point motion tracking, interface light/dark controls, motion track with scale, Grain Surgery bundling, AAF & OMF support
Janar 2006 7.0 Clamchop new unified window UI, timewarp, graph editor, OpenGL 2.0 support, 32 bpc HDR color, 32-bit audio, Adobe Bridge support, display color management, dynamic link with Premiere Pro, script editor, auto save, Photoshop file creation, smart blur, lens blur, per-character text blurring, first Spanish & Italian versions
Korrik 2, 2007 CS3 (8.0) Metaloaf shape layers, puppet tool, brainstorm, clip notes, Photoshop vanishing point import, adaptive motion blur, per character 3D text animation, real-time audio playback, simultaneous multi-frame rendering, SWF vector import, 32-bit linear blending, full color management; first Universal Binary Intel Mac version
Shkurt 22, 2008 CS3 (8.0.2) Metaloaf Panasonic P2 support; last Mac PowerPC version
Shtator 23, 2008 CS4 (9.0) Chinchillada QuickSearch in the project & timeline, mini-flowchart, breadcrumbs, live PSD 3D layer import, separate XYZ, Imagineer Mocha bundled, cartoon effect, XFL export, XML export, XMP metadata,
Dhjetor 10, 2008 CS4 (9.0.1) Chinchidotta RED R3D file support (via REDCODE v1.3 plugin)
Maj 29, 2009 CS4 (9.0.2) Lottadotta fixes several types of crashes, clip-level RED R3D support (via REDCODE v1.7 plugin), XDCAM HD (Avid-style MXF) support
Prill 30, 2010[3] CS5 (10.0) Esgocart 64-bit native on OS X and Windows, roto brush tool, refine matte effect, mocha v2, LUT support, AVC-Intra import and improved RED (R3D) support, Align panel improvements, Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse 3, Digieffects FreeForm, auto-keyframe mode[4]

Burimi[redakto | redakto tekstin burimor]

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