ZZ Top

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ZZ Top
ZZ Top
PrejardhjaFlag of the United States.svg Houston, Texas, USA
Hard rock
Southern rock
Pop rock
LabelRhino/WEA, RCA, Warner Bros., London
Vite aktiv1969 -
Billy Gibbons
Dusty Hill
Frank Beard

ZZ Top është një bend hard rock/blues-rock, i formuar në Houston, Texas, USA, në vitin 1969, nga tre anëtarët historikë Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill e Frank Beard edhe akoma në aktivitet.

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Video muzikorë[redakto | redakto tekstin burimor]

  • "Gimme All Your Lovin'"
  • "Sharp Dressed Man"
  • "Legs"
  • "TV Dinners"
  • "Sleeping Bag"
  • "Stages"
  • "Rough Boy"
  • "Velcro Fly"
  • "My Head's In Mississippi"
  • "Give It Up"
  • "Burger Man"
  • "Doubleback"
  • "Viva Las Vegas"
  • "Pincushion"
  • "Breakaway"
  • "World of Swirl"
  • "She's Just Killing Me"

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Bibliografia[redakto | redakto tekstin burimor]

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  • "Billy F. Gibbons: Rock+Roll Gearhead" (2005).

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