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InternetArchiveBot[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

detyratkontributetnr. redakt.logszhvendosjeblloko përdoruesinblloko logflag logflag bot

Operator: Cyberpower678

Automatik apo i shoqëruar: Automatic unsupervised

Gjuhë programimi: PHP

Përmbledhja e përdorimit IABot crawls Wikipedia and repairs dead links.

Periudha e redaktimit ( gjithnjë, përditë, njëherë,...): Always

Ritmi i redaktimeve: Variable depending on workload. Usually 1-10 edits per minute, but in rare cases can be as high as 120 edits per minute.

Ka titullin? (Po/Jo): No

Hollësitë e përdorimit: IABot will crawl through all articles and scan the links it finds. Any that come back dead will be supplemented, or replaced, with a working archive URL.

Diskutimi[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

  • Please make about 30 edits so we can see how the bot runs. Thanks.   eagleal 
@Cyberpower678, This user/account "InternetArchiveBot" is not registered.--Liridon (diskutimet) 13 qershor 2019 23:02 (CEST)
@Liridon, It exists, I just haven't logged the bot into this wiki yet.—CYBERPOWER (diskutimet) 13 qershor 2019 23:40 (CEST)
@Cyberpower678, I can't give 'bot' status to a user that doesn't exists here, please log-in first.--Liridon (diskutimet) 14 qershor 2019 15:02 (CEST)
@Liridon, Good point. I will log it in later today.—CYBERPOWER (diskutimet) 14 qershor 2019 16:22 (CEST)

@Cyberpower678, @Liridon, any news? - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 16 qershor 2019 19:34 (CEST)

I've got other matters to attend to. I'll be back next Tuesday, the 25th.—CYBERPOWER (diskutimet) 19 qershor 2019 01:45 (CEST)
Just checking in here to say I haven't forgotten this request.—CYBERPOWER (diskutimet) 29 qershor 2019 01:14 (CEST)
Yes check.svgY Done:--Liridon (diskutimet) 5 korrik 2019 15:23 (CEST)
@Cyberpower678, any other things that need to be done for the bot to be set up properly? Or are we all done now? Asking because I'm thinking of localizing the bot's user page from the Meta soon and I want to know if there is more to be done or no. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 5 korrik 2019 19:25 (CEST)
It looks like I have some minor tweaking to do before I can start unleashing the bot on sqwiki.—CYBERPOWER (diskutimet) 6 korrik 2019 04:08 (CEST)
@Cyberpower678, take all the time that you want. I finished localizing its user page from Meta. Following the instructions there, I took the liberty of enabling it for SqWiki. I don't know if that is a good thing or not now that I see what you have written. The bot has already started contributing to the project (check the contributions yourself if you want). The talk page messages and the description of the edits are a real mess but that's because we haven't given good enough translations for them. I think the robot is working well on the technical side but you're the expert here. For the moment being, I'm not disabling it. Please do so, if you think that is a needed step to be taken. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 6 korrik 2019 06:01 (CEST)

@Cyberpower678, after some contributions, IABot has stopped working even though it is enabled in our project. Is this intentional from you or is it a glitch? When do you think we can have it back at work? — Βατο (diskutimet) 12 korrik 2019 21:40 (CEST)

  • The bot has finished it's test run. Sorry for the delays.—CYBERPOWER (diskutimet) 3 shtator 2019 22:21 (CEST)

@Cyberpower678, the bot has stopped working after only 1 day. Is that normal? - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 5 shtator 2019 18:24 (CEST)

@Cyberpower678, What else should I do beside giving bot privileges?--Liridon (diskutimet) 6 shtator 2019 13:48 (CEST)
Oh I was waiting something along the lines of "Bot approved" like I see on other wikis. Bot is often needed for the trials as IABot will hit some kind of wall without the permissions. :-)—CYBERPOWER (diskutimet) 6 shtator 2019 15:46 (CEST)
@Cyberpower678, you're right at what you say. We're in the middle of a reforming process regarding the "special pages", like these one and their accompanying templates, so, at the moment, flagging the bot is all we can do to officially approve it. - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 6 shtator 2019 19:29 (CEST)
Alright then. I have scheduled the bot to start running on it's own then. It's runpage can be found at (diskutimet) 8 shtator 2019 14:10 (CEST)

@Cyberpower678, thank you! :) - Klein Muçi (diskutimet) 8 shtator 2019 16:48 (CEST)

Votimi[Redakto nëpërmjet kodit]

Please see this discussion.—CYBERPOWER (diskutimet) 13 qershor 2019 21:33 (CEST)