Teodoriku i Madh

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Bronze weight, inlaid with silver, with the name of Theodoric, issued by prefect Catulinus in Rome, 493-526.

Theodoric the Great (Stampa:Lang-got; Latin: Flāvius Theodoricus; greqisht: Θευδέριχος, (Thev'ðerichos, θɛvˈðɛrixos); Stampa:Lang-ang; gjermanisht: Theoderich der Große]]; Stampa:Lang-on; 454 – August 30, 526), was king of the Ostrogoths (471-526),[1] ruler of Italy (493–526), regent of the Visigoths (511–526), and a viceroy of the (Eastern) Roman Empire. His Gothic name "Þiuda reiks" translates into "people's king". He became a hero of Germanic legend.

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