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I'm sorry

'Forca Elektromagnetike Kjo forcë është krijuar nga një forcë dashurie mes dy personave të caktuar. Forca Elektromagnetike-ndryshe mundë të quhet,lets talk,i don't need to date,i just want to be friends,really i do we had a lot of fun. I dont want to upload any pics,se me pa naj fmi thot kush osht kjo bukuroshe. Nejse come on lets talk.Aint no way you gonna find a *racial slur for african american person* like me.(I know you laughed at that) You may be mad at me bout everything but you must admit me mu je knaq edhe ti 10% ina rrok 90% kina kesh.And i mean we can just be friends lmfao i dont mind.If you dont want to date it dont matter to me i just want to have fun with you again my *racial slur for african american person*Like the good old days.

So what do you say,i made 3 pp's about you i made 2 wiki pages thats a lot and damn if that doesnt show detication idk what does lmfao. If you cant tell how much i care then you must be blind.Heke blockin edhe folem.

-For غاليتي

-By Piccolo

Ps i know you know what غاليتي means cuz ily.